From “GEALAN” profiles we can manufacture windows of different sizes, forms, colours and opening. PVC windows are very economic. Windows are of easy maintainance and cleaning, do not need to be painted. Windows are resistant to the atmosphere influence and of easy maintainance, even after years pass they remain like new ones. Plastic windows are very hermetic.

Plastic windows are suitable for an individual house in the surbubs and for summer-cottage. It is an ideal synthesis of beaty and functioning. Modern, contemporary windows are more then the source of day-light and their function is not only to ventilate premises. Nowadays, they are important elements of architecture decisions. Window size, form, colour and lay out create distinctive facade face and predetermine the atmosphere of inner premises. Windows are an experession of individuality and lifestyle.


Warmth stays in your and money in your wallet!



  • Measurement and estimate formation: Skilled employees of our enterprise will carry out all measurements considering  your wishes and desires and will help you to make your choise. After measurement we carry out accurate estimations.

  • Consulting and designing: Skilled employees of our enterprise will give you all needed information and consulting, help you to choose optimum variant.

  • Production delivery: We deliver our production at any place in Lithuania.

  • Installment works: Skilled employees of our enterprise will remove old windows and doors and fix new ones, also they will carry out finishing works.

  • Different accessories: We offer broad assortment of inner and outer windowsills and ventilation gratings.

  • Guarantees: For our production and installement works we present 5 years guarantee.